December 2010

My Debut on She's Next

"Are you tired of feeling horrible about yourself and your body because you don't look like the women in magazines or on television?"

That's my opening line, or rather question, for my just-over 90-second video for When She's Next approached me to do a video for their website, I was flattered. And excited about spreading body love. The only stipulation was that it needed to be 60 seconds. I had no idea how challenging it would be to squeeze 3 simple points (on how to Come To Peace With Your Body) into one little minute. Fortunately, Hana Kamm, the founder of was forgiving let me run over 34 seconds.

I'd love for you to take a 94-second breather and see what suggestions I have for starting the process of coming to peace with your body. And let me know what other topics related to body image you would like to hear me talk about because I'll be making more videos for She's Next in 2011. Send me your ideas via Twitter or the Adios Barbie Facebook page.

And Happy 2011!!