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Press: Articles 2015

Mode: Activated
March 14, 2015, Buenos Aires Herald

The Buenos Aires Herald features an article about Sharon's life in Argentina and her work as a body image activist, including information about AnyBody Argentina hosting the country's first screening of the award-winning documentary, Miss Representation. Article available online and in print.

Social Media Creates Solidarity for those Affected by Eating Disorders
March 8, 2015, Medill Reports Chicago

The Medill News Service out of Chicago highlights Adios Barbie's third annual #AdiosED Twitter party for National Eating Disorder Awareness week in which Sharon was a panelist.

Facebook’s ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoticon is Fueling a Fight over Digital Body Shaming
March 6, 2015, The Washington Post

The Washington Post reports on the viral online campaign launched by the eight chapters of the international movement Endangered Bodies asking Facebook to removing its body-shaming emoticons. One of Sharon's tweets is featured in the article.

Diversifying Dashion, One Selfie at a Rime
February 10, 2015, The Ryersonian

Ryerson University's newspaper reports on Dr. Ben Barry's forward-thinking fashion program and includes Sharon's thoughts on its vision and impact.

Adiós al canon único: Tania Llasera y otros elogios a la diferencia (Goodbye to the only ideal: Tania Llasera and others praised for their differences)
January 18, 2015, El País/S Moda

A national Spanish newspaper includes Sharon's perspective in an article that explores the shifting beauty ideals in today's fashion world. Article available online and in print.

Press: Articles 2014

Los juegos del hambre (Hunger Games)
November 21, 2014, Página 12

Journalist Luciana Peker explores the dangers of dieting and other weight-loss techniques following the death of an Argentine woman, quoting Sharon regarding the reasons why women resort to extreme measures to be thin.

Cuestión de Tamaño (Matter of Size)
September 2014, Harper's Bazaar Argentina

In a four-page article, Harper's Bazaar Argentina explores the discriminatory lack of sizes in the Argentine fashion industry and quotes Sharon regarding AnyBody Argentina's activism that challenges it.

La verdad sobre la tortura del probador (The truth about the torture of the changing room)
July 2014, Cosmopolitan Argentina

In a two-page article, Cosmopolitan Argentina addresses the rampant size discrimination that plagues the Argentine fashion industry and AnyBody Argentina's activism to combat it, including various quotes from Sharon.

Status of Women Committee MPs Study Eating Disorders
February 22, 2014, Gender Focus

Jarrah Hodge, author of the award-winning feminist blog Gender Focus, thanks Sharon for her assistance in helping prepare her presentation for the House of Commons Status of Women Committee on eating disorders, media and gender on February 10.

Do You Bond With Your Daughter Over Beauty Products? Here's Why That's Dangerous
January 16, 2014, Role/Reboot

Journalist Soraya Chemaly quotes Sharon regarding the importance of speaking out against plastic surgery apps aimed at girls.

Press: Articles 2013

La Belleza en Todas sus Formas (Beauty in all its shapes)
September 20, 2013, Cambio Cultural

An Argentine digital magazine quotes Sharon regarding AnyBody Argentina's activism for a national size law.

Fifty Shades of Feminism edited by Lisa Appignanesi, Rachel Holmes & Susie Orbach
April 5, 2013, The Independent (UK)

In this positive book review from The Independent, Helen Taylor quotes Sharon's essay from Fifty Shades of Feminism.

Review: Fifty Shades of Feminism edited by Lisa Appignanesi, Rachel Holmes and Susie Orbach
March 24, 2013, The Sunday Times (UK)

Katie Glass highlights Sharon's contribution in Fifty Shades of Feminism "Owning the F-word" as a stand-out essay in the anthology. Article available in print and online with a subscription.

Top 10 Reads of March
March 1, 2013,

Stylist magazine in the UK names Fifty Shades of Feminism as one of the top ten must-reads of March.

La hostilidad de la moda (The Hostility of Fashion)
January 4, 2013, Página 12

A major Argentine daily newspaper speaks with Sharon regarding AnyBody Argentina's body image and size law activism. Article available online and in print.

Press: Articles 2012

Corsé mental 90-60-90 (34-24-34: A Mental Corset)
Sept 13, 2012, Diario Z

Diario Z features the work of AnyBody Argentina both in their weekly newspaper and online.

Piden extender a todo el país la Ley de Talles (Requesting a Size Law for the Entire Country)
July 11, 2012, Mi Formosa

An online Argentine media outlet quotes Sharon regarding AnyBody Argentina's campaign for a national size law.

ONG realizara campaña en una plaza solicitando ley de talles nacional (NGO to Launch Campaign Requesting a National Size Law)
July 7, 2012, El Comercial

El Comercial reports on AnyBody Argentina's Model Meter campaign July 8-9, 2012.

Mediated Women: Female Representation in the Argentine Media
May 3, 2012, The Argentina Independent

As the founder of AnyBody Argentina, Sharon provides her perspective regarding the singular sexualized image of women in Argentine media.

Reunion en el INADI hacia una la ley de talles federal (Meeting at INADI Toward A Federal Size Law)
April 18, 2012, INADI

INADI (National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) reports on its collaboration with AnyBody Argentina and the textile industry in creating a national size law.

Reglamentan la Ley de Talles porteña y ONGS critican su flexibilidad (Capital Size Law Regulated and NGOs Criticize its Flexibility)
April 15, 2012, El Comercial via Télam

Sharon provides AnyBody Argentina's perspective on the recently finalized size law in the Capital of Buenos Aires.

The Body is Political
March 2012, Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia features Sharon's body image activism in Argentina, alongside two pioneers in the field, Susie Orbach and Eve Ensler. Martina Liverani, editor of Vogue Italia Curvy, posts photos and short bios of each of the women profiled in the print article on her blog.

Women in a Man's World
March 12, 2012, Time Out Buenos Aires

The print version of Time Out Buenos Aires includes Sharon's opinion about the status of Argentine women in this feature article.

The Diet Industry: Profiting From Anxiety
February 21, 2012, The New Left Project

Alex Doherty of NLP spoke with Sharon and Susie Orbach, convenor of AnyBody/UK Endangered Bodies regarding how the diet industry relies on our body anxieties to remain viable.

La moda es cuestión de talles (Fashion is a matter of sizes)
January 12, 2012, El Guardián

El Guardián, a national weekly news magazine in Argentina, interviews Sharon regarding size prejudice in the fashion industry and AnyBody Argentina's strategy to combat it.

Press: Articles 2011

Size Discrimination in Buenos Aires
November 23, 2011, The Argentina Independent

The online English newspaper, often referred to as The Indy, explores sizeism in Argentina and AnyBody Argentina's efforts to tackle it.

Adios Barbie recognized as a Best Body Confidence site
September 2011, Channel 4

The UK's respected Channel 4 names Adios Barbie one of the best body confidence sites of the year, alongside All Walks Catwalk, Body Gossip, and the Campaign for Body Confidence.

¿Qué me Pongo? (What do I put on?)
July 12, 2011, Página 12

Argentina's respected left national newspaper features AnyBody Argentina's size law sticker campaign in a three-page article.

Ropa Para Todas las Siluetas (Clothes for all silhouettes)
July 9, 2011, Clarín

The highly popular Argentine national newspaper, Clarín, reports on AnyBody Argentina's size law sticker campaign launched July 1, 2011.

Para Todas (For All Women)
July 7, 2011, La Nación

La Nación, one of two mainstream national newspapers, features the launch of AnyBody Argentina's size law sticker campaign.

Fighting Against Body Insecurities
July 2011 Complexd Magazine

The UK magazine features Sharon and Natasha Devon of Body Gossip as "women who fight for other women." Click image to enlarge.

MTV, VH1 Ban Kanye Video For Violence Against Women
June 28, 2011

Amanda Kloer of reports on the success of the campaign Sharon and activist and author Melinda Tankard Reist led against the sexualized violence depicted in Kanye West's "Monster" video.

Extinción de la Especies: Preservando el Cuerpo Femenino (Extinction of the species: Preserving the female body)
May 2011, Belleza XL

Belleza XL, the first and only magazine catering to plus-size folks in Latin America, devotes a four-page article to the Endangered Species summit in Buenos Aires.

Argentina Needs Your Help
March 15, 2011 The Illusionists Blog

Filmmaker Elena Rossini devotes a blog post to Sharon's presentation at London Endangered Species on March 3, 2011. The filmmaker expresses her shock and dismay at the facts presented about Argentina and its commitment to the beauty myth, and how the South American country compares to Rossini's home country of Italy.

Mujeres: ¿Una especie en riesgo de extinción?
(Women: A species in risk of extinction?)

March 12, 2011 Clarín newspaper

The Endangered Species campaign (Especies en riesgo de extinción in Argentina) was featured in the Argentine national newspaper, Clarín on Saturday, March 12, 2011. The article reports on the London Endangered Species summit on March 4, 2011 and provides information regarding the Buenos Aires summit on March 16, 2011. The full article is not available online, but you can read "Un cuerpo real" ("A real body") online, which is a box within the full-page spread that provides information about the Endangered Species founder Susie Orbach."

The Beauty Myth... and Madness
March 9, 2011 New Internationalist blog

The New Internationalist blog reports on the Endangered Species summit in London on March 4, 2011 and the author, Giedre Steikunaite, devotes much attention to the body image crisis in Argentina as relayed via Sharon's presentation. Read here.

¡Adiós, Barbie! (Bye, Barbie!)
January 2011, Belleza XL

The Venezuelan-based magazine, Belleza XL, highlights the website Adios, Barbie and its editors, Sharon Haywood, Pia Guerrero, and Ophira Edut. Download PDF here.

Why Won't Kanye West Respond to Outrage Over Sexually Violent Video?
January 28, 2011 reports on the petition launched by Sharon and Melinda Tankard Reist, among others, against the use of violent sexual imagery in the name of 'art'.

Is Kanye a Woman-Hating Monster?
January 13, 2011 Care2 Causes

Samer Rabadi, Senior Campaign Manager at, interviews Sharon regarding her motivations to initiate a petition against the misogynistic content found in Kanye West's Monster video.


Interview with Annie Fox at Family Confidential, Secrets of Successful Parenting
January 15, 2015


Interview with Karina Vasquez on Radio XL (in Spanish)
Oct 27, 2012


She's Next: Take the No-Diet Pledge
May 4, 2011


Endangered Species LONDON - Sharon Haywood from Elena Rossini on Vimeo.
March 4th, 2011 Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London


She's Next: Come to Peace with your Body
Named one of the Top Ten Inspirational Videos on She's Next
December 30, 2010


Audio Recordings

August 31, 2014: Interview with the Argentine radio program El Atajo (in Spanish)

Sharon speaks with the hosts of El Atajo (The Shortcut) regarding the country's size laws, AnyBody Argentina's campaign for a national size law, and the prevalence of body hate on a global level.


February 7, 2014: Interview with Radio Maria Argentina (in Spanish)

Sharon speaks with the hosts of the program Entre Nosotros (Between Us) regarding Argentina's size laws, the epidemic of body hate in Argentina and abroad, and the institutionalized size discrimination found within Argentina's fashion industry.


November 27, 2013 Interview with the Confidence Chronicles

In the first of a three-part series, Sharon speaks with Cherry Woodburn for her program The Confidence Chronicles about "How Changing Careers Even When Scared Makes You Stronger". A summarized transcription of the second part of the interview, "Are you Ready to Love Your Body? A Body Image Activist Tells Her Story" can be found here, and the final segment, "Body Image Activist Gives 4 Tips To Help You Accept Yourself" is here.


January 16, 2012: Interview with Derecho en Zapatillas (in Spanish)

Sharon discusses with Sergio Mohadeb, lawyer and radio host, the issues surrounding the non-compliance of Argentina's size laws and what AnyBody Argentina is doing to address the issue.


March 9th, 2011: Interview with Radio Nacional Argentina

Sharon speaks with Fernando Farías and Mirian Túrkula about Endangered Species in Buenos Aires (Especies en riesgo de extinción) on March 16, 2011. She describes how girls and women in Argentina and abroad are suffering in their bodies and how the global summits of Endangered Species will attempt to attack this public health emergency.


March 10th, 2011: Buenos Aires Expat Podcast (BA Podcast)

The Endangered Species team in Buenos Aires, Sharon Haywood, Ashley Baldwin, and Cinthia Pacheco discuss body image in Buenos Aires and why the Endangered Species global campaign is necessary, especially in Argentina.


March 4, 2011: Endangered Species London podcast (Sharon Haywood's presentation about body image in Buenos Aires)

Sharon presents on the topic of body image in Buenos Aires at Endangered Species in London. Introduction by AnyBody founder and convenor Susie Orbach. Listen to other presentations from the event, including Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrat MP), Lynne Featherstone (Liberal Democrat MP), Pink Stinks, and All Walks Beyond the Catwalk here.


March 8, 2010: Interview with Radio Nacional Argentina

In honor of International Women's Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina Sharon was invited to speak on the national radio station regarding the issue of healthy body image for women.


May 5, 2009: Interview with Radio Nacional Argentina

During the International Book Fair (La Feria Internacional del Libro) in Buenos Aires my writing as an expat living in Argentina, along with two other expat writers, was highlighted in a radio interview on the English language program, Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior/RAE.