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Entre Mujeres, Clarin | Spanish Talles de ropa: cada vez mas grandes en Europa y Estados Unidos, mas chicos en Argentina
Bedford/St. Martin's (Macmillan Learning) | English Published in October 2016, my essay, "How Body Modification Ended the War Against My Body" is included in Chapter 5: "Appearance: Who Should Decide What We Look Like"? of…
Entre Mujeres, Clarin | Spanish Moda sin Photoshop: 5 marcas muestran que es posible (y provechoso)
Entre Mujeres, Clarin | Spanish Maniquies con diversidad de talles: por que son tan necesarios?
Herizons | English Canada’s leading feminist publication, Herizons Magazine, ran my article "Sizeism is a Feminist Issue" in its Summer 2016 issue about Jill Andrew's important campaign to have size discrimination deemed illegal.