Selected Publications & Achievements

Fed Up With Fat Bias Herizons, Winter 2017

Talles de ropa: cada vez mas grandes en Europa y Estados Unidos, mas chicos en Argentina (Clothing sizes: growing bigger in Europe and the United States, smaller in Argentina) Entre Mujeres, Clarin, November 2016

Moda sin Photoshop: 5 marcas muestran que es posible (y provechoso) (Fashion without Photoshop: 5 brands show us it is possible (and profitable)) Entre Mujeres, Clarin, August 2016

Sizeism is a Feminist Issue Herizons magazine, Summer 2016

Maniquies con diversidad de talles: por que son tan necesarios? (Different-sized mannequins: why are they so necessary?) Entre Mujeres, Clarin, June 2016

Por que necesitamos un dia sin dietas? (Why do we need a day without diets?) Entre Mujeres, Clarin, May 2016

Mujeres canosas: por que no podemos hartarnos de la tintura? (Greying Women: Why Can't We Get Our Fill of Hair Dye?) Entre Mujeres, Clarin, April 2016

AnyBody in Argentina: Changing the Face (and Body) of Fashion Endangered Bodies blog, February 2016

Adios al talle unico, bienvenida la diversidad (Bye-Bye One-Size-Fits-All, Hello Diversity) Pagina 12, a daily national Argentine newspaper, January 2016

The Difference Between Self-Expression and Self-Objectification Dove Self-Esteem Project, October 2015

Tackling Sex Education Early Dove Self-Esteem Project, April 2015

The Father-Daughter Relationship and Girls' Body Confidence Dove Self-Esteem Project, October 2014

"Am I Pretty or Ugly?": Stop Your Daughter From Becoming a Victim Online Dove Self-Esteem Project, August 2014

Street Harassment: Is Turning the Tables Really the Answer? Adios Barbie, April 2014

Why Mannequins Must Reflect Us Herizons, Fall 2013

Going Gray Everyday Feminism, July 2013

Fifty Shades of Feminism Virago Books, March 2013

How Body Modification Ended the War Against My Body Herizons magazine, Fall 2012

El Modelometro, contra una ilusion que enferma (The Model Meter: Countering a Dangerous Illusion) Clarin, the most popular newspaper in Argentina, July 2012

Forcing Fashion to Get Real Herizons, Spring 2012

El 65 por ciento de mujeres tienen problemas para encontrar talle (65% of Women Have Problems Finding Their Size) Pagina 12, a national Argentine newspaper, Jan 2012

Dare to Resolve to Ditch Dieting Adios Barbie, Dec 2011

Success! MTV Networks Won't Air Monster Care2.com, June 2011

A Monster Success! Adios Barbie, June 2011

Filmmaker Amanda Micheli Defies Categorization Adios Barbie, Nov 2010

Battling The Beauty Myth In Argentina AnyBody, July 2010

Scale Back: It's International No Diet Day Adios Barbie, May 2010

Mirror, Mirror Six Sentences, Aug 2009

A Second Round Of Applause For The Book Bodies Adios Barbie, June 2009

rubyRemembering Ruby AnyBody, June 2009

Ironing Out the Wrinkles of Wanting Plastic Surgery Adios Barbie, Jan 2009

Were You Sevanged? Second Place Winner, Writer's in Buenos Aires Flash Fiction Contest, Jan 2009

Totally Unknown Writer's Festival Orated David's Best Friend, 1992

Life Rattle on CKLN-FM 88.1 radio in Toronto, Canada Orated eight original short stories, 1990-91