Have we met? I'm Sharon.

I’m a bilingual writer and editor dedicated to combining my love of the written word with my passion for body image activism and feminism. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but I now live in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I manage a team of body activists at AnyBody Argentina, an NGO I founded in 2011. Although my preference is to write about feminism and body-related subjects, I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of subjects in both English and Spanish.


Fed Up With Fat Bias

Herizons | English It’s bad enough that women have to contend with a glass ceiling that limits their advancement at work, not to mention a wage gap that translates into 73 cents being paid to women for every dollar paid to men—and less for women of colour.

As the Director of AnyBody Argentina and a globally-focused body activist, I aim to help eliminate body image and gender stereotypes and move feminism to the forefront of conversations in North and South America.