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Pura Vida, Canal 7 | Spanish

Alongside one of AnyBody Argentina’s activists, Brenda Mato, I am interviewed on Argentine public television regarding the national size law bill AnyBody Argentina wrote in conjunction with National Congresswoman Victoria Donda Pérez.

Tabous et Interdits, TV5 | French

AnyBody Argentina colleague Camila Docampo and I are featured in the Canadian television program “Tabous et Interdits” about Argentine beauty culture.

Thomson Reuters Latin America News Agency | Spanish

Thomson Reuters for Latin America announces AnyBody Argentina’s presentation of a national size law bill in conjunction with national Congresswoman Victoria Donda Pérez.

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Press Highlights

The Washington Post | English 

I spoke with The Washington Post about Endangered Bodies’ international campaign Surgery Is Not A Game, which calls on Apple, Amazon, and Google to institute a responsible policy for cosmetic surgery apps aimed at children as young as three. Several quotes of mine are included in the article.

InfoBae | Spanish 

In an extensive article about the various ineffectual size laws in Argentina, AnyBody Argentina’s activism–from co-authoring a national size law bill to our awareness campaign at Lollapalooza 2018–are featured.

Clarín | Spanish

In this online article, Clarín shared my praise for the #SkinPositivity movement and its contribution to reducing the stigma associated with skin conditions, such as acne or vitiligo.

Clarín | Spanish 

Clarín reported on AnyBody Argentina’s awareness campaign at the international music festival Lollapalooza on March 16 and 17 where we engaged over 500 festival-goers with two activities: “I Am Not A Mannequin” and “Love Yourself with Art”. The article contains several of our photos.

Byrdie | English

In honor of International Women’s Day, Byrdie celebrated the efforts of 11 women from around the globe that aim to empower women. I am honored that Byrdie chose to include the work that my NGO AnyBody Argentina is doing to break down beauty stereotypes and fight against size discrimination.