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Pura Vida, Canal 7 | Spanish

Alongside one of AnyBody Argentina’s activists, Brenda Mato, I am interviewed on Argentine public television regarding the national size law bill AnyBody Argentina wrote in conjunction with National Congresswoman Victoria Donda Pérez.

Tabous et Interdits, TV5 | French

AnyBody Argentina colleague Camila Docampo and I are featured in the Canadian television program “Tabous et Interdits” about Argentine beauty culture.

Thomson Reuters Latin America News Agency | Spanish

Thomson Reuters for Latin America announces AnyBody Argentina’s presentation of a national size law bill in conjunction with national Congresswoman Victoria Donda Pérez.

Press Archive

Press Highlights

VIVA (Clarín) | Spanish

Clarín’s weekly national magazine included quotes of mine, which addressed activism against sizeist practices and the current discriminatory practices consumers face when buying clothes in Argentina. Available only in print.

Clarín | Spanish

I spoke with Clarín regarding the public outrage of using skinny models to sell plus-size stockings and how it reflects society’s widespread rejection and erasure of fat bodies.

La Nación | Spanish

I spoke to La Nación regarding Endangered Bodies’ global campaign, Surgery Is Not A Game, which calls on Apple, Google, and Amazon to develop an official policy regarding cosmetic surgery apps for children.

La Nación | Spanish

La Nación, one of the most popular mainstream newspapers in Argentina, includes a few quotes of mine regarding the country’s problem with size discrimination in fashion industry (online and in print).

Clarín | Spanish

I spoke with Clarín newspaper regarding the common Argentine compliment, “¡Qué flaca estás!” and how it reflects the glorification of thinness embedded in Argentine culture.