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Have you checked out Adios Barbie? It’s packed full of articles dealing with diversity in the media. Diversity related to size, race, culture, gender, and age.

To give you an idea, here is a spattering of some of our most popular posts over the last month:

Size and Sardine Packed Southwest Airlines

Editor Pia Guerrero writes about director Kevin Smith being kicked off Southwest Airlines and how this action highlights the prejudicial industry standards around size. The petite Guerrero asks, “If I can’t fit comfortably into one of their seats how do these airway robbers expects others to?

Vanity Fair’s Lack of Color

What’s missing from the latest Vanity Fair cover featuring nine of Hollywood’s top actresses? How about Precious star Gabourey Sidibe or Zoe Saldana from Avatar? Did Vanity Fair intentionally omit women of color?

This Valentine’s Day Love the One You’re With

Pia posted a fabulous list of 100 super-interesting facts about the body. (Be sure to also check out the link for the body-loving site, iheartguts.)

Transgender Beauty in India

I posted an article about the very first transgender beauty pageant in India. Transgender folks are frequent targets of hate crimes. The pageant represents a positive step in the direction of respect and inclusion.

Perceptions Shown to Affect Desire to Lose Weight

We reposted an article from Newsweek by Barbara Kantrowitz that cites studies that indicate what a key role self-perception plays in weight loss.

Dove and Diversity: Not Just for Women

I wrote about the anticipation of Dove’s premiere ad for men that first aired during Super Bowl XLIV. After its release, I followed up with another post, Dove: Redefining Male Beauty where I pointed out what’s great about the ad. And where Dove can make improvements.

Media Causing More Men to Pursue “Ideal” Body

As muscularity’s become even more a symbol of “ideal” body image in advertising and entertainment, a University of Florida study shows that more and more men are choosing to alter their body image through quick fix methods like steroids rather than traditional exercise.

There’s plenty more to munch on at our blog. Pop by and join in the conversation!