Argentina’s Long Struggle for a Size Law

The Bubble | English

If you’ve lived in Argentina for any length of time, shopping for clothes—particularly if you’re not skinny—has probably, more often than not, left you empty-handed. Over the years, surveys via AnyBody Argentina, an NGO I founded in 2011, and the Universidad Abierta Interamericana have shown that the majority of Argentines, especially women, struggle to find clothes that fit their size. Although the media often depicts this as an issue that’s exclusive to very fat people, investigations have consistently shown that those who wear between an approximate US size 6/8 and 10/12 are the typical victims of size discrimination. This isn’t to deny the notable absence of trendy plus-size attire for Argentines, as only limited options exists, primarily for the younger sector. When it comes to the fashion world, both within and beyond Argentine borders, the plus-size market continues to be sorely lacking. That said, the latest size survey, conducted in 2016 by AnyBody Argentina, revealed that just under 70 percent of adults always or frequently have difficulty finding fashionable garb that fits, a problem that has persisted for well over a decade.

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