Clothes for Every Body: Argentina’s Need for National Size Law | Spanish

Currently in Argentina, various size laws exist to combat the problem of fashion retailers stocking items solely for smaller bodies. The map highlights the provinces that have laws in place, which are determined by local government bodies. Subsequently, the laws vary from province to province making it a challenge for both consumers and national brands. (For more detailed information about these laws and our activism based out of Buenos Aires, visit AnyBody Argentina.)

Although AnyBody Argentina fully supports compliance with provincial size laws, we are also campaigning for the implementation of an inclusive, coherent, and national size law. At present, we’re working with INADI (The National Institute Against Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia) in campaigning for an increase in the number of sizes stocked by national brands, and the creation of a national size law based on up to date, anthropometric information taken from Argentine bodies. Considering that 95% of Argentine women are dissatisfied with their bodies and the country holds second highest eating-disorder rate in the world, teens and women should not feel compelled to alter their bodies simply to be able to wear the latest fashions.

We ask you, no matter where in the world you are, to help combat size discrimination by signing our petition for a national and inclusive size law in Argentina.

One size does not fit all.