Ditch the Diet in 2013

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Editor’s Note: With 2013 fast approaching, it’s resolution time again… with weight loss topping the list for many people. The diet industry doesn’t miss a beat by promoting “new-and-improved” programs to drop those “extra” pounds as each New Year rolls around (don’t even get me started about Weight Watcher’s latest gimmick “Lose Like A Man” program!). This begs the question: if diet-industry giants like Weight Watchers and Slim Fast (which often rely on fat-shaming strategies) were truly effective, why the need for fresh approaches? What these money-making machines don’t tell folks is that the majority of people who lose weight only end up gaining it back—and then some—within four to five years, thus locking people into the miserable lose-and-gain cycle … and of course, creating loyal life-long customers.

In the spirit of transparency and our desire to promote emotional and physical health among our readers, we are re-sharing this post from December 27, 2011, which provides plenty of research-based facts that deconstruct the myths and deception surrounding dieting and weight loss. Let’s start 2013 on the right foot and join us in ditching the diet. ~Sharon

By Sharon Haywood

Aside from bikini season, late December and early January is the other time of year that we’re especially susceptible to feeling bad about our bodies. Special thanks to the media and the diet industry for ensuring we do by reminding us that we overindulged during the end-of-year festivities and we must resolve to lose (at least) that holiday weight come the New Year. Weight Watchers in the UK is making certain you hear that message loud and clear. On January 1, 2012 almost all the major UK television networks will simultaneously air a three-minute Weight Watchers commercial aka music video worth over US$23 million. In it, Weight Watchers proudly parades 180 clients, mostly women, who have lost a total of 5908 pounds using its trademarked ProPoints program launched just a year ago.

What I’d like to see is how many of those slimmed-down success stories will have kept the weight off by New Year’s Day 2016. According to the studies, within four to five years most of them will have regained the weight, and at least 60 to 120 of them will weigh more than their pre-diet weight. Yes, I…

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