Endangered Species: Challenging Body Beautiful Culture

Adios Barbie | English

If you happen to be in London over the next month, expect to see this gorgeous baby girl smiling out at you from various billboards, coupled with the question:

“Is this the happiest she’ll ever be about her appearance?”

This sober inquiry officially launches Endangered Species in the UK – one of five international summits designed to celebrate body diversity and challenge the culture that teaches girls and women to hate their own bodies. A truly global summit, events will take place in London, New York, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, and Sao Paulo this coming March, the same month as the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The billboard campaign was born out of collaboration with Endangered Species, led by the internationally respected psychotherapist, author, and activist Susie Orbach, and DIVA, the largest-selling magazine for lesbian and bi-sexual women in the UK. They invited advertising and creative agencies from around the UK to create a billboard campaign that reflected the urgent message of Endangered Species: Save future generations of women and girls from hating their own bodies.

The winning entry, chosen from over 100 submissions, is courtesy of Manchester’s RED C Agency and is officially unveiled today, February 7th. It will be displayed at 11 different locations throughout the country’s capital running up to the summit at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank on March 4th. The global advertising company, Clear Channel International (CCI), which works with advertisers to create inspiring out-of-home campaigns across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, generously donated the 11 billboard sites.

This powerful ad campaign is also featured in the March issue of DIVA magazine, coined the “Feel Good in Your Skin” edition, which has been guest-edited by Susie Orbach. Jane Czyzselska, editor of DIVA magazine, says:

“When Susie told us about Endangered Species, her upcoming event aimed at correcting the warped view we have of ourselves, which is created and supported by our personal histories and the powerful visual media, we decided to join forces and asked Susie to guest-edit a special issue of DIVA. We’re excited about the impact our efforts could have in changing the cultural discourse about our bodies and in turn helping women to feel truly at home in their skin.”

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