Filmmaker Amanda Micheli Defies Categorization

Adios Barbie | English

What do a cowgirl, Wonder Woman’s stunt double, and a beauty queen crowned inside a Colombian prison have in common? Filmmaker Amanda Micheli. Since 1996, she has cast women such as these as the unlikely protagonists in her acclaimed documentaries, such as Just for the Ride, Double Dare, and La Corona. Micheli, an award-winning director, producer, and cinematographer isn’t interested in fitting into a particular niche or appealing to a specific audience, but rather the Harvard graduate gravitates to creating films that fall “outside of the box.” According to Micheli, women filmmakers are “pigeon holed.” She elaborates by saying, “We have weepies, movies that make you cry, the touch-feely women’s films. I have nothing against those films but they aren’t the kind of films I make.” No, instead Micheli creates the type of films that we celebrate at Adios Barbie, films that present women in roles you rarely see in mainstream media: Women “who identify themselves through a certain kind of physical presence and courage that goes beyond sexual identity.”

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