How Body Modification Ended the War Against My Body

Herizons (Fall 2012 issue) | English

Is obtaining body piercings and tattoos a form of self-harm?

Can body modification be used as a tool to heal from trauma?

Is there a link between body modification and marginalized individuals or groups?

I explore these questions in the 2012 Fall issue of Herizons (Volume 26, No. 2) in my essay, “How Body Modification Ended the War Against My Body.” Citing both existing research and personal experience, I investigate the relationship between body modification and self-image.

As a Canadian writer, I am incredibly proud to have my work featured again in Herizons, today’s leading Canadian feminist magazine. The publication has a long history dating back to 1979, when it originally debuted as a regional newspaper. As described on its website, “Herizons published its first magazine edition in 1983 and by 1985 was national in scope and content, drawing on writers from across the country. The magazine went into hiatus from 1987 to 1992 and began publishing again in the Spring of 1992. Herizons has published four times per year since then.”

From health to activism to legal cases, Herizons keeps readers on the pulse of the latest happenings within the women’s movement in Canada. “Officially, Herizons’ statement of purpose is: to publish an inspiring feminist magazine that fosters a state of wellness that enriches women’s lives; expands the boundaries of feminism; builds awareness of current issues as they affect women, and broadens the influence of feminist principles. Herizons aims to reflect a philosophy that is diverse, and one that is relevant to women’s daily lives.”

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