Jennifer Jonassen: A Sizeless Star

Adios Barbie | English

How many roles on television and film can you think of that feature plus-sized actors? Okay, now of that list, how many of those roles have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are fat? Narrows down the list quite a bit, doesn’t it?

In Hollywood, there is no shortage of demeaning roles for fat actors and actresses. Just ask Jennifer Jonassen, up-and-coming plus-size actress, dancer, and writer. I had the great pleasure of speaking with her at the end of 2009, when she opened my eyes to how rampant sizeism is in La-La Land. Jonassen is determined to break through those barriers, even if it means turning down lead roles or projects with HBO and Fox.

My latest article, “Jennifer Jonassen: A Sizeless Star,” profiles this courageous and inspiring woman. She asserts that, “it’s more important to portray being fat as something different than what it’s been. It’s important for me to portray being fat as beautiful.” And she’s doing it too.

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