Take the No-Diet Pledge

She’s Next | English

In the spirit of International No Diet Day, May 6th, I created my second video for the website She’s Next: Short Inspirational Videos for the 21st Century Woman. You and I both know that coming to peace with your body is no easy feat. Very few of us naturally live at peace with our bodies, which means that we need to retrain our thoughts and habits about food and our bodies to truly achieve body acceptance.

An essential part of being content in your own skin means that you must abandon dieting. There’s no way around it. In this new video, I present evidence that shows why dieting is a fruitless activity, not to mention physically harmful. Take two minutes to hear my plea. And I strongly encourage you to do your own research. The following two books will get you started:

On Eating, by Susie Orbach: Learn how to replace the diet mentality with intuitive eating. (It’s a compact book that you can read in no time at all but it will leave you with lifelong results.)

The Obesity Myth, by Paul Campos: Discover how large the role of the diet and pharmaceutical industry is in creating and maintaining the “obesity epidemic.”